Portfolio of SJ's novels

Sometimes, terrible PICK-UP LINES lead to wonderful happy-ever-afters!

Pick-Up Lines

Release date: March 2024

My bittersweet, heart-warming, debut romance novel 'Pick-Up Lines' is available for pre-order NOW from Champagne Book Group publishers!


Neither Lydia nor Rhett want to get involved with each other - falling in love carries weighty responsibilities, substantial risks - but they don't seem to be able to deflect Cupid's persistent arrows!


Pick-Up Lines: an emotive, light-hearted read for fans of contemporary romance, set in Bristol, UK.

SJ's debut horror collection 'SICK GIRL SCREAMS' will be published by BGP October 2024

Tabitha Fox Never Knocks (2020)

A bored housewife breaks into her neighbours homes for a buzz and unearths a government-initiated eugenics project.

Near-future sci-fi set in suburban Bristol, UK. 

Twenty-Seven & the Unkindness of Crows (2020)

Teenage wannabe-astronaut Nova Smirnov has a metaphorical ladder. Will she climb up it and pursue her dream of working on the International Space Station or will she walk under it, after the wrong boy ... again and again?

Twenty-Seven & the Unkindness of Crows: Coming-of-age nineties-era anti-romance set in Bristol (UK) and New Zealand.