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Sometimes, terrible PICK-UP LINES lead to happy-ever-afters!

Pick-Up Lines - date tbc

I'm excited to announce that my bittersweet, heart-warming, debut romance novel 'Pick-Up Lines' will be published later this year by Champagne Book Group.

Neither Lydia nor Rhett want to get involved with each other - falling in love carries weighty responsibilities, substantial risks - but they just don't seem to be able to deflect Cupid's pesky, persistent arrows!


Pick-Up Lines is an emotive, light-hearted read for fans of contemporary romance.

A bored housewife starts breaking into her neighbours homes for a buzz and unearths a government-initiated eugenics project.

Cosy (ish), near future sci-fi set in suburban Bristol, UK.

This book is currently undergoing a re-edit, and I hope to re-release it in 2023!

Teenage wannabe-astronaut Nova Smirnov has a metaphorical ladder. Will she climb up it to pursue her dream of working on the International Space Station or will she walk under it, following the wrong boy – again and again?

This coming-of-age anti-romance/suburban 90's soft horror set in Bristol (UK) and New Zealand is currently undergoing a re-edit. I hope to re-release it in 2023!

My debut horror collection 'SICK GIRL SCREAMS' will be published by BGP late 2023.

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