Awards Eligibility Post

Here is a list of my current 2022 publications - please get in touch if you'd like to read any of these with intention of nomination for an award.

‘One Hot Deadly Month of Summer’ – Monstrous Tales vol 3 Gravestone Press Sept 2022

‘Garden Path’ – The Vanishing Point vol 4 Vanishing Point July 2022.

‘The Russian Doll Ban’, ‘The Hole’, and ‘Thick Skin’ – Rainy Days vol 1 by Gravestone Press 2022.

‘Ghosted’ – Daughter of Sarpedon by Brigids Gate Press 2022.

‘Love Spells Changes’ – Changes by Gravestone Press 2022

‘Juliet Juliet’ – Beyond the Veil by Ghost Orchid Press 2022

‘Escher’s’ Tree House’ – A Very Ghostly Christmas by Ghost Orchid Press Dec 2022

‘It’s Not All About the Five Knuckle Shuffle’ – Are You A Robot? by West Mesa Press and Three Cousins Publishing.

‘Black Metal in a White Room’ - Hunted by Gravestone Press Aug 2022.

‘A Piece Missing’ – Halloween Special Dark Matter Magazine Oct 2022.

‘The Haze-On Lady’ and ‘Gurgle’ - Freedom by Gravestone Press June 2022.